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About us 

Managers and team members are always looking at ways to get things done in a short amount of time. Jirassimo add-ons, Emails Reminders Notifications and PDF Document Exporter, deliver custom solutions to help increase a team’s productivity and improve communications.

The Team

Inversion Point co-founders, Aleksandr Medved and Vladimír Horev, bring a combined value of 30-years of commercial software and five years and more of Atlassian product experience to this private-boutique workshop based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Specializing in resolving specific JIRA problems, Inversion Point is committed to delivering innovative solutions for Atlassian-based software to their customers. This commitment has lead to supporting and helping customers excel and be more productive in their workflow processes.

The Solution

The Jirassimo add-ons are completely customer driven. By focusing on their customers’ needs, the team at Inversion Point can develop and implement new features in the Jirassimo add-ons in days, not months. If an issue occurs, they are able to work fast and respond quickly so the customer never feels alone in managing an issue.

The Jirassimo Emails Reminders Notifications solution has been helping teams focus on what’s important, resolving concerns about the way JIRA distributes information to team members, customers and suppliers. The Emails Reminders Notifications solution provides a way to eliminate irrelevant notifications and customize the workflow.

The PDF Documents Exporter provides teams a quick and easy way to present professional looking PDFs just the way you need it when you needed. Fully customizable, the PDF Documents Exporter has everything to meet a team’s workflow needs. 

The Intake Forms for JIRA is our flagship add-on which works very nicely with other plugins from Jirassimo family. This add-on enables you to design your very own, tailor made, dynamic forms to collect information from your customers and partners and store it in Atlassian JIRA. Forms can be embedded anywhere, on a website, in Atlassian Confluence or using the API.