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PDF Documents Exporter

The first and only add-on for JIRA Cloud to create stunning fully customized PDF documents from your issues.

Do you keep your business data in JIRA and need to create documents such as Invoices, Memos, Reminders, Purchase orders, or Procurement documents? With Jirassimo PDF Documents Exporter you can design the layout of your own template and insert your corporate logo. Look no further! This add-on has everything you need to create professional-looking PDF documents from JIRA issues.

Use the combined power of the rich-text WYSIWYG editor with Velocity/Handlebars to create your own unique data-driven document templates. And when it's time to export your PDF, it is just two clicks away.

Also, if you need to produce a PDF document on a workflow transition, we can do that as well. Just create a template and decide on the JQL condition. Jirassimo will produce the PDF and attach it to the JIRA issue.

Complete Feature List

Customizable Template

Jirassimo PDF Documents Exporter add-on is fully customizable to meet your workflow needs. You are able to:

  • Choose from multiple templates to create your PDF 
  • Select which content display in your PDF
  • Create custom templates in Velocity or Handlebars
  • Use a powerful WYSIWYG editor to simplify template writing
  • Preview your template before deciding to use it

  • Select a Portrait or Landscape layout

  • Insert images

Flexibility in Generating PDFs

When creating PDFs with this add-on, you can:

  • Easily generate your PDF on demand from the JIRA Issue details screen–just select the template that meets your needs
  • Export your JIRA issue in PDF format in two clicks
  • Attach the PDF to the related JIRA issue
  • Automatically generate a PDF when the issue matches a predefined JQL condition
  • Customize your PDF name

Available for JIRA Cloud

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