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Privacy Policy


Jirassimo is a software that collects data from Jira OnDemand to analyze Jira issues for matching patterns and forward messages to user-defined destinations. We use Jira Rest API with READ scope for data collection and Rest API for publishing real-time notifications to user-defined destinations which currently include, but not limited to, Slack, HipChat, Fleep and email. This AddOn stores information necessary to interact with Jira OnDemand instances it polls data from and credentials from destinations to send data to, such as access tokens and channel ID's. Incoming requests from Jira OnDemand are validated using JWT. 

Beside credentials for communication, this AddOn also keeps the last published message for each destination which users of the add-on may use to monitor activity. 

 All communications are SSL secured. 

Data storage and access 

Jirassimo is hosted on and Amazon AWS servers. Physically, data centers are located in Amsterdam and USA. Access to the Jirassimo servers and data
is strictly limited only to Jirassimo support team. Our support team periodically inspects servers and data stored to troubleshoot issues and monitor application

Data Backup policy

We back up all data at least once every day and keep them for 30 days. Backups are stored at least in two different physical locations.

Data privacy

Data collected during the use of Jirassimo AddOn will not be shared with third parties except as required by law.
When you uninstall this AddOn, all of the data you provided to us will be immediately removed.
Effective as of October 1, 2015.